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Dōmo Arigatō, Newport Avenue Market!

Chicken Curry Rice

Japanese Chicken Curry Foodie Friday is here again and before I share my recipe let me share some personal things about me. I am from Southern California and I am Asian. While I now call Central Oregon home, and I

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It’s Time to Bring Dinner Back to the Table

dinner newport ave market

Some of our most treasured childhood memories are from time spent around the dining room table with family. We bickered back and forth about who got the bigger pork chop. We complained about the weird vegetables Mom made us eat.

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We are proud to be EMPLOYEE OWNED!


We’re successful because of our employees and we wanted to share that success in a tangible way. That is why we chose an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We surprised our employees with the great news this morning! The ESOP

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Say Adios to El Jefe


This is the very first letter/blog of this type that I have ever had to write. I am announcing with this letter the retirement of Spike Bement from Newport Ave. Market. Spike is the very first employee to truly retire

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Foodie Friday: These Are Not Your Grandma’s Brownies

Not your grandmas brownies

It’s still National Family Meals Month! Keep your kids at the table by bribing them I mean letting them know there are desserts coming after dinner. I LOVE brownies, but not the ones with nuts; I don’t like the nuts

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Foodie Friday: September is National Family Meals Month!

Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake

Newport Avenue Market recognizes how important it is to share a meal with friends and family. And, in recognition of National Family Meals Month, we want to encourage our shoppers to share at least one meal together and jump-start a

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Check Photo

What do you see when you look inside your refrigerator or pantry? If you’re like most people, you’ll see shelves stocked with food and an endless combination of ingredients perfect for throwing a good meal together… and yet, find yourself

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Foodie Friday: Let’s Taco-bout it!

Lets Taco'bout it 1

Ever have crazy days when you just don’t have time to wait 10 hours for pulled pork or shredded beef for your tacos? I do… all the time! It’s times like these that prove Newport Avenue Market’s got my back!

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Foodie Friday: Shrimp Étouffée

Shrimp Etouffee

I remember how I ended up making this meal the first time – I read the recipe from a food magazine that was lying around in the employee break room at Newport Avenue Market. I remember it because our Pricing

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Wine Camp 1

Quick question: What is the only grocery store in Bend with full-time wine gurus? Answer: Newport Avenue Market Suzi, our resident wine expert, is awesome! She loves wine the way Mac loves Cheese. The way a parrot loves the radio.

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