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Micro Greens: The Way of the Future!


Not Only do they appeal to the eye and taste buds, they are also packed full of nutrients. Antioxidants, vitamins, protein and micro-nutrients are just a few of the benefits of micro greens. Use them as garnishes, or to add

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Fresh, Juicy Cantaloupe!


Springtime is finally here and we’d like to celebrate it. Just in, fresh cantaloupe! This delicious, and all-too-frequently overlooked, fruit is an excellent source of essentials we all need. Tasty in fruit salad, blended in smoothies, on top of cottage

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Corned Beef: Why our’s is better…


Newport’s Own Corned Beef Round is handcrafted and cured in-house by your butchers. By using the round, rather than the brisket, you get a leaner, cleaner, higher yielding roast, without sacrificing the savory, fall-apart flavor and texture of a classic

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Feelin’ Butta!

Who doesn’t love the sweet, creamy taste of butter slathered on top of warm pancakes or melted over sweet corn on the cob? Yummm! We know butter is a necessity in everyday cooking and baking for our customers to get

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National Award for Being Outstanding? Heck yeah!

Thank you PGI! (That’s Progressive Grocer Independent to the everyone but a grocer!) They picked us as the Overall Outstanding Operator-Single Store at their annual Outstanding Independent Awards! Recipients were announced during a special ceremony at the 2014 National Grocers Association Conference

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Handcrafted Sausages; Simply Crafted, Simply Better.

Well, well, here it is.  The two states that legalized Mary Jane are getting together for a “Super Bowl”  And we’ve got a brand new sausage to majorly manage your munchies.  It’s called Cascade Mountain Hogwash, a ridiculously flavorful smoky pork

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Kiku Apples are the Sweetest Thing


Fresh. Firm. Tasty. Sweet. On the tart-to-sweet-o-meter Kiku Apples are the sweetest of them all! They’re also crisp and juicy with a firm flesh (similar to it’s Fuji Apple parent), and ruby red with light colored stripes. These beauties can

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Fresh Curry Leaves

fresh curry leaves featured

Curry leaves (now available!) are native to Southwest Asia and originate from the Kari tree. The leaves add a subtle flavor to simple dishes. If you begin by sautéing the leaves (in coconut oil) and then add the ingredients from

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Country Natural Beef is Corn FREE.

Country Natural Beef

You all know our Country Natural Beef.  Since 1986, we’ve been proudly serving to you the finest cuts of beef in the Northwest.  This Co-op of family owned ranches has come a long way; from the original 14 families sitting in a circle in a barn in

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Maragas Winery


Support Local This Holiday Season Wine has been in the Maragas families’ bloodline for generations. Anna Maragas brought the business on this side of the Atlantic in 1941. Her grandson, Doug Maragas founded Maragas Winery, as you know it today.

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