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The Man Who Blesses the Sushi


His head occasionally peeks over the massive sushi counter at Newport Avenue Market, checking out the scene and the people milling around. You’ll instantly be privy to his infectious smile and an enthusiastic greeting. Morris is always happy to see

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9 Firsts You Didn’t Know About Bend’s Favorite Grocery Store

Pioneering. Original. Leading. Top of the List. Head of the line. However you want to phrase it, being first takes ingenuity and a whole lot of guts. We weren’t the first to walk on the moon. Or the first to

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The Healing Power of Lava!


Here at the Market, There are always new, original products that catch your eye. We’ve got a new product that will not only catch your eye but has so many benefits as well. Lava Love is a line of spa

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Top 10 Awesome Things to do During a Bend Summer

Summer is once again upon us. Warm days. Cool nights. Flip flops come out of hiding. It’s time for adventure! We asked Newport Avenue Market employees and customers what some of their favorite Bend summer activities are. They spanned a range from

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What the Quince?


You may have noticed the strange yellow fruit that is new to the produce department, it’s QUINCE! Here’s why we’ve got it for you!   Quince paste has a texture somewhere between that of stiff jelly and gumdrops. Quince paste

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Garlis Spears will blow your mind!


Garlic Spears Flower Tops from Elephant Garlic When cooked, garlic spears have a very mild garlic flavor with a texture and taste somewhere between asparagus and artichoke. The whole spear may be eaten- as is. Steam or sauté lightly (3-5

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What’s so great about the Bend beer scene? Here’s the top 5 list:

1. The More the Merrier With a total of 27 breweries to indulge the masses, Central Oregon is cranking out the craft beer like a grandma in a spanking machine on her birthday. Hit after hit after hit. Eighteen of

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Shishito Peppers are the best!


These little pieces of heaven can be used for many things, added to your favorite dishes, and the best of appetizers. Brian has got a full order to satisfy your mouth watering appetite, stop by the produce department to load

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Natural Sea Sponges


Hand harvested in the Gulf just off the coast of Tarpon Springs, Florida then hand picked by Lauren just a few short weeks ago. Squishy sponge facts… The natural sea sponge is a renewable resource from the sea which has

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From Steer to Steak


Following the cow from ‘Steer to Steak,’ Sterling Allen (left), Owner & Publisher of Agri-Times Northwest Newspaper, came to Newport Market for a one day apprenticeship with our meat department. Allen took a full day off from his usual duties

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