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Lauren G.R. Johnson, Leader of the Pack (vrrrooom!) & CEO

Lauren Johnson was born and raised in Bend as a 5th generation Oregonian. She spent her teen years employed at Newport Avenue Market. Now, 30 years later, she’s continuing to grow the family business by applying the smart business sense that was instilled in her by her parents during that earlier employment. As a second generation owner, sustaining business viability is Lauren’s foremost goal; to continue to provide a profitable, healthy work environment for Newport’s more than 90 employees. She’s a perceptive business owner that appreciates and embraces innovation and the development and implementation of business efficiencies. Lauren is passionate about the success of Oregon’s small business economy and the benefits it creates for Oregon families. Being first, best or different is a family belief that she embraces and feels it is the core of Newport Avenue Market’s success. Email me.


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Rudy Dory, Ringmaster of the Flying Circus/President  & Debbie Dory, Pundit of Perfection/Director of Detail

The face of Newport Ave. Market belongs to Rudy Dory. However, the vision, enthusiasm, determination and design of Newport Ave. Market belong to his wife Debbie.  In 1991, after an extensive remodel of Newport Ave. Market, Debbie started the journey of turning the newly remodeled store from a traditional grocery store into the award-winning store Newport Ave. Market is today. She has created an experience for customers, making shopping fun – finding the unexpected on each aisle. “The look, feel and visual experience you see at our store belongs to Debbie. My job is to figure out how to pay for her vision,” says Rudy. Rudy and Debbie continue to explore innovative ways to promote the unique grocery store they have built together. When she’s not finding the best in kitchen tools or hiding from the cameras, Debbie collects antique carousel animals, crafted between the 1880s and the 1920s. She even has an English children’s carousel.


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Joe Anzaldo, Grocery Grasshopper/General Store Manager

Joe Anzaldo’s grocery career would have started at the age of 10 if he’d gotten his way. He tried to get a job at Jiffy Market, in Eugene, Oregon, but they informed him that labor laws kept them from hiring him until he was 14. (It’s rumored that he cried when he heard this.) However, on the morning of his fourteenth birthday, he showed up for work and started what turned out to be a lifelong career in the grocery industry.

His next job was at Albertson’s, where he became one of the youngest store managers in company history at the age of 24. This promotion to store director brought him, his lovely wife Shawn, their two boys Jordan and Jared, and the requisite two black dogs, over the mountain to Bend.

Bend very quickly became home and they had found “their people” in the local scene of Bend. The whole family was immersed in the usual Bend activities. Days were spent trying to keep up with the boys on the mountain; coaching little league teams; traveling all over the country to watch soccer games and rock climbing competitions; joining indoor soccer leagues; and, of course, enjoying Central Oregon’s world-class breweries.

Volunteering as the president of Little League fueled his desire to give back to the community. He climbed the volunteer ladder until he found a place on the board of Family Kitchen, a local non-profit dedicated to feeding the hungry. He has a hard time walking down the street without stopping to talk to someone every four steps. Shawn jokingly refers to him as the “unofficial mayor.”

Joining Newport Avenue Market in 2004 was a natural progression in Joe’s career. Leaving a corporate store for an independent store has allowed Joe to show his creativity. At Newport Market, Joe has played many roles over the years. From traveling the nation looking for the next best thing in food, gift and housewares; to learning to build Newport-style displays under Debbie Dory’s tutelage; Joe loves working with people, customers, and employees, which is why the grocery business is a perfect fit! Email me