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Beer, glorious beer.

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Central Oregon is known for majestic mountains, thrilling outdoors adventures, and one of the highest breweries to population ratio anywhere in the WORLD! Welcome to Beer Town USA. Bend was recently rated with the highest brewery per capita in America – and we are proud of it! We have a lot to keep up with, so here at NAM we are stocked with your local favorites, cult classics, domestics, and international delights. We’ve got a crazy selection of ciders, meads and gluten free options. Basically, we offer a stoopid selection of beers that are not easily found in one spot. And, every so often, you’ll find that cult classic, Pliny the Elder, hanging out. Make sure to ask, as it’s hard to come by. Cheers!

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Check out our CALENDAR to see what’s on tap, but know that sometimes plans change at the last minute. Rest assured, we’ll definitely have some amazing brews for you to taste!

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