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Base Camp Saison de Chetco

Cheers to the adventurous hopheads! Celebrate the end of the trail with this spicy, full-bodied saison by Base Camp Brewing.

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Base Camp Saison de Chetco To triumph over mountain, wave, wind, or boulder, you need a good Base Camp. Your Base Camp helps you rally your adventurous spirit to conquer the next challenge. One of our favorite adventures is a springtime hike down to the pristine Chetco River in Oregon’s Kalmiopsis Wilderness. This spicy, full-bodied saison pays homage to that experience: breathing the arid,dry air combed by the stands of burnt-out fir, winding through sunburnt sandstone dotted with bright stands of Kalmiopsis flowers, slipping down into the crystal-clean, bracingly satisfying water of the Chetco. ABV: 6.6% [img by nate wilson; edited and used under creative commons license.]

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