♫ ♪ We are family, I got all my sisters and me, we are family ♪♫ 

Those song lyrics ring true whenever we talk about our employees. Without our employees, we would be found up a creek without a paddle. On average, our employees have been family for over 10 years. Here is a glance into what makes them so darn special!


NAM_04092014_0218Talk about generations! We are at a point in U.S. history of 4 generations working together in the work force; more than any other time in history according to the experts! Your store, the place you (the most hella cool customers!) choose to shop (and we thank you for it!), is no exception to the trend. Generations and family, it’s what we’re about. That and food and drink…really, really good food and drink!

We have Lauren, Rudy and Debbie; Lauren’s the second generation grocer to keep things rolling at Newport Ave. Market, not to mention the 5th generation Oregonian in the family; 3rd generation Bendite; all with GG hot on her heals. Gram also worked with us for many years and continues to help with our gleaner program!

Then there is Spike and Taylor; Spike’s been with us since his son, Taylor, came into the world (although some argue it’s been since 1800). Taylor has come back to the store, after exploring other paths, to join our Produce Department and we are happy to have him back! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Spike’s cousin Laura is with us in the Floral department too!! Also, daughter Abby worked the front end for several years, and Spike’s mom worked with us doing demos for many years.

Next are two sisters, Veronica and Claudia in the Service Deli and Bakery. (Some don’t know this, but their mom also worked with us!) They’ve each been with us for over 9 years and now, with Claudia expecting, who knows, maybe another generation in a few years!

We also recently hired Jessica into the office, daughter of the always-cheerful Checker Kathy who came to us from the closing of Ray’s. Jessica is a chip off the ol’ block and a friendly addition to the office and store.

Let’s not forget another family connection, Jordan and Trevor. They share receiving duties, among others, and you want to talk about two people that were raised right?! These are two of the best.

There’s always the Yochum family too! How many kids have joined their dear old dad Randy working at Newport? Let’s see, there was Steven, then there is Timmy in Produce, and Wyatt just joined the front end.

And the Anzaldo family. Both of Joe’s sons, Jordan and Jared, worked for us for a time before going onto other things.

Then Deann’s daughter, Jaime, worked with us a short time in the office.

There’s always Elliott and Hadlie, of the Plummer family, doing it all….from box kid, Checker, Produce, Gourmet Cheese, and now Beer and Wine departments.

The Warricks are always good for 3 generations; Billy & Jody, daughter Kaitlyn and granddaughter McKayla.

We are happy to say one of our favs, Wade, is coming home to us.  One of his daughters, Hailey Combs, learned to work here.

There is Rhonda, with over 10 years, and daughter Heather.

Siblings Ethan and Madison, front end kids.

Linda and Richard, that help out around the Deli and Meat Departments.

Kids Lauren & Riley of the Goldstein family

Kevin and Taylor have come and gone and plan to be back while in college.

Justin and Leesa, between the front end checking and the Meat department.

Mikelle and Kenna, from the ripe old age of 14 now into college.

And that isn’t even all of them. What it boils down to is we really are a family business that relies on family, both to work with us and shop with us. As we approach a significant season in which we all think about the people we love, whether family by blood or by choice, take a moment, be thankful, because we sure are.

Sue Turner

DSC_0029Do you hear the Grateful Dead’s “So Many Roads” playing a little louder or notice the Bronco’s practicing a little harder? Well, it’s because our very own Sue has a bit more time to enjoy the things she loves. Sue has been a huge part of the Newport Ave. Market (…and Food Town AND Food Value…) family for nearly 30 years. Yes, almost 30 years!!

Sue made the grocery connection when Rudy met her working at the Sunriver airport, back in the pilot/flying/9 store days. Sue has seen a lot of change managing the front end for us; babies born and grown, customers coming and going, sharing in her love of The Dead and sports in general  (but YAY Broncos! especially). A few of her favorite things include heading to the beach, fishing, Mexico trips, good friends, and tequila.

Some of us have spent years making memories with Sue and here are some of our favs…

Deann – always playing lotto, so when we’d check our tickets in the morning together, we’d put an “L” on our foreheads, face each other, and in unison say, “we’re losers.”

Jeff – would still like to believe that Sue is a closet Chargers fan.

Randy – Probably just the nickname I gave her 17-18 years ago, “Sargent Major Susan Stadanko.” This has condensed into just “Sarge” and “Sarge in charge.” I borrowed this from a Cheech and Chong character…and Sue got it right away! Sue is by the book and there’s not too much grey area, but you always know where she stands or what she stands for! And she doesn’t waver! (No matter how hard I’ve tried to get her to see a different perspective or perception…and I love her for it, because it’s so real!)

Also, having three of my children come to work for NAM, Sue has taken each one of the boys under her care, and sincerely treated them like they were her very own family, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Lauren – Sue has known me since I was a little kid, back in the flower shop days at Donner’s, when she and Marc were dating. She was my boss and trainer here at the store; as a box kid, teaching me to hustle when called to bag, with a positive, smiling attitude; then, when it came time to learn to check, the proper way to use the register, make change, and always with speed and efficiency. I’m not the only one. Over the years, Sue has been responsible for training so many of us, with her great attitude and attention to detail, with tremendous integrity and a strong sense of responsibility and humor. She’s a member of our family and in our thoughts.

Just so you know, Sue loves loves loves her people; both customers and coworkers alike. She misses all of you, so much. Sue and Marc are very appreciative of everyone’s love and support.

Sheri Handfield

Just ask what makes Sheri “Sheri” and she bubbles over with pride for her greatest accomplishment… her daughter Josanne. We’ll come back to that in a minute, but first, a little on the woman herself – our Deli & Bakery Manager Sheri! She can do a wicked jig in the kitchen as she sing-songs along. And, since we are a food-centric workplace, her favs are… peanut M & M’s, homemade lasagna, grilled asparagus, bacon (crispy of course!), strawberries and cubed ice in a gin and tonic thank you.


Sheri’s critters fall to a close third in her heart. First place goes to her husband Daken (an accomplished personal chef to a local family) that she’s been married to for over 20 years. Second place is her children and “awesome granddaughter” Haven. Her daughter, Josanne, is graduating from the Vet Tech program at COCC, and Sheri couldn’t be more proud! Now for the four-legged variety of family: Horses – Willy, Cash, Visa, Max, and Pepinita. Next up, the dogs: Katie, Dakota and Scooter.

Sheri has been a member of the NAM team for 14 years come July. Just a side note, when you want to make her happy, let her watch The Voice, take care of your animal or ask her to make a mean batch of soup for you, but don’t give her liver or let her do anything without her glasses (she’s blind as a bat)!

We are happy to count her as one of our own. Now Sheri, back to work, but first put on a clean coat!

Talk about matchmaking! This takes the cake…wedding cake that is.

Billy and Jody Warrick have been part of the Newport Ave. Market team for a combined 56 years! No, they aren’t THAT old, but with Billy being our most seasoned vet in the company at 30 years and Jody a close runner up at 26 years, they are part of our rock star base of the NAM team.

jody_billy_couple_photoTogether, they’ve worked freight and receiving, been box ‘boys’ and checkers, and worked in produce and deli.  (Here’s a secret… Billy was Oregon’s “Best Bagger”!!)

They’ve been married for 25 years this year and, as that number tells us, they met then married because of their jobs. And, despite working side by side every day, are going strong!  They are most proud of their two girls, but the icing on the cake is their two grandkids that help make their world go round and are the reason for getting old.  Jody puts up with Billy’s love of fishing (and he’s really good at it!), just as Billy puts up with Jody’s obsession of the Mariners and Seahawks.

They find common ground somewhere between classic rock and metal (go figure), and Jody says it’s amazing she hasn’t “killed Bill.”  This Papa and Grandma were born and raised in Bend, Jody being a 3rd generation Oregonian and Billy 1st generation.

We are lucky to have two such hard working people on our team and look forward to many years to come!  Thank you for all your hard work and longevity Billy and Jody.  Now, go have fun on a tropical anniversary vacation!