How You Benefit from Our Employee Ownership

In 2015, we became Central Oregon’s first employee-owned grocery store, which means that our expert staff is invested in making this the best possible shopping experience — and it shows!

Having ownership means our staff take pride in what they do. They go the extra mile. The good vibes create staying power for our staff, and they’re invested – in you! They know more about what you expect — from how you like your roast trussed to what kinds of craft beer and wine you like to try.

We know more, and care more!

Because our employees have a real career in food, they have tons of experience. In short, we know more and care more about you than other local grocery store, nay — any grocery store anywhere!

As part-owners of the company, our staff benefits from a job well done. That is why, when you walk in our store, you are greeted with smiles, service and solutions, from what to cook for dinner tonight, to someone who’ll carry your bags to your car. It all goes hand-in-hand with real food and real fun. That’s the real Bend!