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1121 NW Newport Avenue
Bend, OR 97703
Phone: (541) 382-3940
Fax: (541) 382-7831
Email: [email protected]market.com

Our Managers are here to help!

We have the flexibility to research, explore and grow our departments; and all of you reap the benefits of a knowledgeable staff. We strive to meet your foodie needs. If there is something you think we simply must have, we’ll try our best to get it for you!


    • Leader of the Pack (vrrrooom!)/CEO & President: Lauren
    • Ringmaster of the Flying Circus/Executive Chairman: Rudy
    • Grocery Grasshopper/COO: Joe
    • Make-Your-Day Gal/Store Manager: Erika
    • Top Tomato/Produce Manager: Brian
    • Numbers Gal/Pricing Coordinator: Karen
    • Head Cheese/Cheese Deli Manager: Jeff
    • Saucy Slinger/Grocey Manager: Marih
    • Sushi Superhero: Nicky
    • Sandwich Senorita/Service Deli & Bakery Manager: Sheri
    • Long Knives, Short Ribs Jacona/Meat Manager: Jeff
    • Wine Wench/Beer & Wine Manager: Suzi
    • The Most Interesting Man (Almost)/Beer & Wine: Robert
    • Kitchen Cougar/Housewares Manager: Jody
    • Service Guru/Front-end Manager: Kim
    • Marketing Mistress/Loyalty Marketing: Sherry
    • Gifts, Gadgets & More: Gifts

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