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Lauren G.R. Johnson

Leader of the Pack (vrrrooom!)/CEO & President

Lauren was born and raised in Bend as a fifth generation Oregonian. She spent her teen years employed at her family’s business, Newport Avenue Market. Now, 30 years later, she’s continuing to grow the business by applying the smart business sense that was instilled in her by her parents. As a second-generation owner, sustaining business viability is Lauren’s foremost goal and to also continue to offer a profitable, healthy work environment for Newport’s nearly 100 employee-owners. In 2015, Lauren lead Newport Avenue Market into being the first employee-owned grocery store in Central Oregon.


She’s a perceptive business owner who appreciates and embraces innovation and the development and implementation of business efficiencies. Lauren is passionate about the success of Oregon’s small business economy and the benefits it creates for Oregon families. She fully embraces the family belief of being first, best or different, and feels it is the core of Newport Avenue Market’s success.

Newport Ave Market Rudy
Newport Ave Market Debbie

Rudy Dory

Ringmaster of the Flying Circus/Executive Chairman

Rudy Dory has been in the grocery industry for 40 years, building the first grocery store in La Pine, Oregon from the ground up early in his career. Rudy is the face of Newport Avenue Market and has seen the store through its migration from a traditional store to the award-winning, employee-owned specialty grocery store it is today. He continues to explore innovative ways to promote the unique grocery store and stay up with customer demand and trends.


Debbie Dory

Pundit of Perfection/Director of Detail/Executive Vice President

The face of Newport Avenue Market belongs to Rudy Dory. However, the vision, enthusiasm, determination, and design of Newport Avenue Market belong to his wife Debbie. In 1991, after an extensive remodel of the market (about 6 more since then), Debbie started the journey of turning the newly upgraded store from a traditional grocery into the award-winning employee-owned store Newport Avenue Market is today. Debbie has created an experience for customers, making shopping fun—customers know they will find the unexpected in every aisle. When she’s not finding the best in kitchen tools or hiding from the cameras, Debbie collects antique carousel animals from the 1880s and 1920s.


In 2017 Rudy and Debbie received the highly acclaimed Robert B. Wegman Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). Rudy and Debbie were celebrated for their colorful vision and innovation, as well as pushing boundaries and delighting customers every step of the way.

Joe Anzaldo

Grocery Grasshopper/COO

Joe Anzaldo’s grocery career would have started at the age of 10 if he’d gotten his way. He tried to get a job at Jiffy Market, in Eugene, Oregon, but they informed him that labor laws kept them from hiring him until he was 14. After a stint at a chain supermarket, joining Newport Avenue Market in 2004 was a natural progression in Joe’s career. Leaving a corporate store for an independent store has allowed Joe to show his creativity. At Newport Avenue Market, Joe has played many roles over the years—from traveling the nation looking for the next best thing in food, gift and housewares, to learning to build Newport-style displays under Debbie Dory’s tutelage. Joe loves working with people, customers, and employees, which is why the grocery business is a perfect fit!

Erika Maloley

Make Your Day Gal/General Store Manager

Erika Maloley hails from the other Land of Nice (a.k.a. Canada) and brings oodles of experience in the hospitality industry, including a corporate stint for Quick Service Restaurants, to her role as General Store Manager. She joined the Newport Avenue team in the Floral Department before working her way up to Assistant Store Manager and now General Store Manager. She’s married, the daughter of an entrepreneur, and all kinds of awesome. We’re lucky to have her and so glad she’s helping us make your day.

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