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Contact our Specialty Grocery Department:


(541) 382-3940



Our food experts derive pure delight from turning you on to something delicious, and that’s why any trip through our specialty section is a virtual journey of discovery.


Here you will find everything from local to international treats and everything in-between. We aim to be your specialty one-stop-shop and, while we try to stay on top of trends, sometimes we find ourselves two steps ahead. (That coconut water thing? We were fans since 2007.)


We know you have favorites, something your mom has to mail you because you can’t find it locally. Share it and we will try our best to get it here for you and save your mom some postage.


Special Orders Are Fun and Cool

Whether, you’ve just heard about a fantastic new item or just want to be inspired by our ever-changing assortment of goodness, this is the section for you. And, when you know you want it, and sometimes you need it, NOW, we can help. We’ll search for those hard-to-find wines and cheeses, and we offer special-order pricing, from international imports to made-in-Oregon goodness.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call or email we’ll special order it for you.

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