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We Put the Deli in Delish!

Our Deli team is not playin’ around. They get up early, stay late, riff on the family recipes, create satisfying soups and savory dishes using the season’s freshest ingredients and taking advantage of the specialty items only available in the Pacific Northwest. We do this all while keeping in mind that you need it quick, healthy, and delicious.



Sandwiches, Delicious Dinners and More

Get a made-to-order sandwich with top quality Boar’s Head products and bring your high-maintenance, discerning taste buds. Or, prep your palate to be impressed and your tummy satisfied with the greatest of ease with the grab-and-go lunches, gourmet dinner entrées, whole roasted chickens, appetizers, side dishes and desserts. There’s fresh, hand-rolled sushi, and if you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or dairy free, we’ve got your back.


So, if you need to prepare a five-course meal for a surprise guest, but really just want to float down river or have plans to hike South Sister instead, go ahead and play. We’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us and you can take all the credit!


We also want to mention, that of all the delis between Mississippi and Bend, Oregon, we have the honor of being Boar’s Head Market of Distinction. And we are darn proud of it too! 

Deli Pasta Salad

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