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Meet our top tomato and Produce Manager, Brian!

He’s been working in produce since 1971 starting with his first produce managers job working with his dad at Richey’s Market in Corvallis.


It’s safe to say produce runs in his blood – his whole family has worked in the field including his grandfather, father, uncles and three brothers!

When Brian is not out on the produce floor, he is behind the scenes researching and learning about new products to bring into the store to share with you!


His passion for pleasing customers and keeping a variety of specialty items in the store does not go unnoticed. Next time you’re in the store, be sure to swing by the produce department to say hi!


The Best Produce, from Those Who Know Best

Our produce is the best because our grocery experts know exactly which fruits and vegetables are perfect, and when. They’ll help you select the right item for the right dish, from local favorites grown at our area’s farms or regional and they’ll also encourage you to try an exotic new fruit imported from the other side of the globe.

Produce Basket

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call or email we’ll special order it for you.

We Put the Health in Food

Choose the freshest and tastiest vegetables is our team’s profession, from artichokes and asparagus to fennel and kale. This section is it’s own health food store, packed with antioxidants, vitamin-C, and fructose and sucrose to give you energy and vitality. Can you say B-complex vitamins, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron? It’s all in delicious food, not pills.


The Art of Produce

Our produce section is an veritable, seasonal canvas of vegetables, and this is one gallery where you’re encouraged to interact with the art. Don’t be afraid. Dive in and take hold of those fruits and vegetables.

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