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We’re Cheesy and We Know It!

Our cheesemongers know how to really dish on cheese — and they’re stoked to share. We hand-pack every piece, which means that you can taste anything — from Oregon’s world-renowned Rogue River Blue to Truffle Tremor, an earth-shattering masterpiece — to find the curd of your dreams.


Other stores’ cheeses are pre-packed, so, no tasting for you. Not here. We love cheese, and we want to share the love. We always have a cheese expert behind the counter to take your palate on a tour of the best from near and far.


Meet the Curd of Your Dreams

We know hundreds of cheeses, and like Tinder for your tongue, we’ll help you find a perfect match and fall in love. How about Ewephoria, a buttery, sheep-milk gouda that will make it with you to the top of South Sister? Or, head to a nearby alpine lake with a slightly nutty, handcrafted Swiss gruyere — dare ya’ not to yodel.

Cheese Guy

Float the Deschutes with luscious home-girl, Oregonzola. Her smooth, yielding texture and delicate blue veins are reminiscent of the great Gorgonzola but the bouquet of fruit, sweet cream and tangy flavors set it apart as an American original. (The blue mold in this Rogue Creamery creation was brought from Italy, and Oregonzola is the only cheese in America that has it.)


Or, after a day on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, head back to your cozy digs with a hunk (no, not a member of the ski patrol) — a hunk of Jarlsberg, Emmenthaler or Gruyere — everything you need for a classic cheese fondue. Pick up a locally baked baguette, and ham to cut into cubes and dip in melted goodness to your heart’s content.


Now you just need an awesome hook-up with crisp, firm apples, and a stunning Alsatian wine or a burly homeboy IPA. We’ll steer you right.


Say Cheese!

Our cheese experts will help you find whatever is right for you. So, for instance, you’re having a big gathering and you’re looking to please an array of palates, we can help. How about Beecher’s Flagship, with a rich, creamy taste and texture, a top choice for children as well sophisticates. This semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor is handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest and carefully aged for 15 months to fully develop its complex flavor and ever-so-slight crumble. (It’s getting press for being the perfect pick for a grilled cheese sandwich and being the key to one of the 10 best mac-and-cheeses in New York City.)


We’re the Best Guides to Local and Global Flavors

Cheese lovers, join us as we take you on a global expedition of flavor. Our cheese experts constantly curate a diverse and delicious selection of cheeses from near and far. And we surround ourselves (literally, on either side of our case) with all the accompaniments for a fabulous cheese board, from fig jams and dozens of types of nuts, olives and crostini to drinking vinegar and salamis.


Your taste buds will thank you for expanding your horizons. At our market, the cheesemongers may spend a lot of time seeking out the best selection of cheeses, but they are fun-mongers, too. Don’t miss out on a great time. It’s what we’ve been doing for 25 years. Real cheese, real fun, real Bend.

Order your party plate by calling us today, or email us directly.

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