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Bend Liquor Store The Spirit Shop

Welcome to The Spirit Shop at Newport Avenue Market

We’re Bend’s only Liquor Store within a Grocery Store. Score!
Open 7 am – 10 pm Daily

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Bend Liquor Store Bourbon

Let’s Toast!

Newport’s Own “Spirit Guides” have a few tips and tricks to share so you can get the most out of your shopping experience.


First, the Facts on Pricing

The State of Oregon sets the price for distilled spirits (aka liquor), so prices are the same across the state and from retailer to retailer. This means we can’t adjust the prices of distilled spirits or run our own price promotions like we can with other items in the store, including beer and wine. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have some fun!


Distilled Spirits Shopping Tips

Take your party up a notch and impress your guests with a signature cocktail. Talk to our Spirit Guides for ideas and recipes. We are more than happy to special order distilled spirits for you, just ask. 


Measurement Tip

One liter of a distilled spirit will equal about 22 mixed drinks.





Ice, Ice Baby

Plan on 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of ice per guest.




Keep bottled and canned drinks cold without taking up space in the fridge or using the not-so-elegant camping cooler. Fill a galvanized party tub, or a large bucket or bowl, half way with one part water, three parts ice, and a handful of salt. Fill ‘er up with beverages!


Kids Just Wanna Have Fun, Too

For kid-friendly parties, create a “mocktail” station with lots of cherries, drink umbrellas, and fun straws. Use ingredients like grenadine and a variety of soda and fruit juices. Make sure to use different glassware than you are using for adults. Mason jars make great glasses for kids!

Any questions?

Just ask our Spirit Guides–they’ll set you up with the best bar in all of Bend.

Bend Liquor Store Spirits Distillery

Cocktail Party Prep 101

Get what you need, right here at Newport Avenue Market in Bend. And in most cases, we carry a tremendous selection to fit any party theme.


Shopping List


Life is Short–Use the Right Glassware

Using the right glass makes all the difference when it comes to sipping delicious libations. Here’s a glassware guide to the three most usable and versatile bar glasses:


1. Martini Glass

For any “up” cocktail, one that is shaken and strained.


2. Highball Glass

For drinks that are mixed and served with ice, also includes beer and soda.


3. Old Fashioned or “Rocks” Glass

For drinks served on the rocks, a single spirit poured straight over ice, no mixer.


Handy Bar Tools


Bend Liquor Tool Shopping List

  • Bottle Opener with Spiked Tip for Juice Cans
  • Bar Towel
  • Hand Pressed Citrus Squeezer
  • Ice Bucket with tongs
  • Jigger or Shot Glass
  • Muddler
  • Shaker & Strainer
  • Small Cutting Board “Bar Board”
  • Small Knife
  • Tall Cocktail Mixing Spoon
  • Trash/Compost/Recycle Cans
  • Veggie Peeler for Twists
  • Wine Opener
  • Zester



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