You can earn Moolah every time you use your FoodeFlash Card when shopping at Newport Avenue Market!


Let us get you signed up by following these steps.

Step 1: Ask a cashier or customer service counter for a FoodeFlash Card.

Step 2:  Take the card home and visit our website. Oh wait, you’re already here.

Step 3:  Visit our uber-secure loyalty program provider

Step 4: Create your account; you will need your card for the number on the back. Remember to enter all 12 digits. You also must click to accept the terms of agreement.

Step 5: Don’t’ forget to input your real email, as we occasionally send super deals, low-quantity specials, and good to know stuff. You can opt out any time.

Step 6: Simply hand your card to the cashier every time you checkout or scan it at the Uscans. For every 5 dollars you spend, YOU EARN 6 cents of Moolah on your FoodeFlash Card. You can then use the Moolah you’ve earned to help pay for future shopping trips. Your Moolah works just like cash! Sign up and we’ll put $5 on your FoodeFlash card once you’ve spent $25 shopping at Newport Ave Market. That’s our way of saying Thank You for being a loyal customer.