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Contact our Floral Department:

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(541) 382-3940

Flower Power!

Our eclectic, lovely, funky and chic floral department is the best in Bend —so much more fun and interesting than just the usual collection of flowers in most other stores. We bring together the coolest living plants and so many new, trending pots and vases.


Anything but ordinary, our floral wonders include succulents and tillandsias, (also called air plants because they live without any soil) potted herbs for the garden or your windowsill, and lots of plants, bouquets and single-stems that will create a great vibe on your desk and lots more.



Live Better and Thrive — with Plants!

Our mantra is: life is short, eat good food. But we don’t stop there.


We know that enjoying life is also about surrounding yourself with the positive feelings and emotions that come from living, breathing plants. They always make life better, whether it’s for a special day, or just celebrating Tuesday.


(Hint: Don’t bring home flowers when something goes wrong; be the one that brings them home just because this day only comes once a year!)


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call or email we’ll special order it for you.

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