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TASTE THIS! Toum & Labne with Newport Ave. Market

Newport Avenue Market showcases toum & labne

Emily Kirk visits with Kley to learn about unique types of sauces meant for just about anything.

What is toum?
“It’s a traditional Libyan sauce. It’s a garlic emulsion. So what they do is they take garlic and just emulsify it with a little bit of olive oil, lemon juice and a little bit of salt. So it’s really has a really strong flavor,” said Kley Dhillon, Journeyman/Cheeseperson with Newport Avenue Market.

The flavor profile is rich, but the dip itself is spreadable and versatile.

Toum can also be used to marinate meats like fish and lamb. And you can add it to kabobs to kick up the spice level.

What is labne?
“That’s a strained yogurt made into a cheese consistency. Typical Mediterranean dip,” Dhillon said.

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