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Hutong, quartiere, barrio, quartier, kinjo
(Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese)

Newport Avenue Market is dedicated to the Central Oregon community.

In 2015, we became Central Oregon’s first employee owned grocery store through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The Dory family put this plan in place to help continue both the legacy and long-term growth of Newport Avenue Market. We strongly believe that our success is reliant on the strength and success of the people we employ and serve.

We continually strive to support the local economy and people through non-profit efforts.

The Hunger Prevention Coalition of Central Oregon has remained one of our top priorities for our non-profit efforts. The Coalition uses 100% of the funds donated to provide nutritious foods to local families who find themselves unable to provide it on their own. We also generously support many other programs, including The United Way, Bend Metro Park & Recreation, Summit High School, Mountain View High School, Bend High School, Bethlehem Inn, Family Kitchen, The Boys & Girls Club of Central Oregon, Bend Senior Center, Humane Society, Seven Peaks School, Highland School, High Lakes Elementary, Juniper Elementary, The Center Foundation, Cascade Academy, Healing Reins, Saving Grace, Stars (Students Today Aren’t Ready For Sex), CAN Cancer, Backpacks in Bend, The March of Dimes, and many more.

If you are seeking a donation request, please review, fill out, and submit the PDF form below.

Donation Request Form