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Miller Brewing Fortune

On par with some malt flavor.

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Sadly, we are no longer carrying this selection. Some have been retired, some are one-off brews, some are from a now-defunct brewery. Please accept our apologies and try another great Brew Crew selection.

The color is deep amber with great clarity and visibly carbonated. With bone white head with fine bead, the smell is sweet with slight yeast aroma. Mild vanilla accent with low alcohol in the nose. The feel is somewhat thin with moderately high carbonation. Light sweet middle with a hint of slickness and light toasted graininess. On par with some malt flavor, light caramel in the taste and some cooked corn elements with slight carbonic influcence and mild buttery diacetyl in the background. A hint of vanilla and light toasted notes the yeast flavor. Overall a basic strong lager. ABV: 6.9%

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