Gift Baskets

When you think of the typical gift basket, you think, “boring and an easy way out,” right?

Well, if you have not figured it out by now, we are anything but typical, and our gift baskets are no exception. However, it’s still an easy way out. And, you know what? Sometimes you need an easy way out. Besides, the presentation and goodies inside our gift baskets are so cool, all will be jealous.


Want to order a more personalized basket? Give us a call and tell us about the:


  • Event/Occasion
  • Person receiving the gift
  • Any dietary restrictions we need to take into consideration
  • Local and/or Pacific NW products only
  • Favorite colors, food, beverages
  • And your budget


And if you want to order one for yourself just because you want something delivered, we can keep that secret too!


To order, call 541-382-3940