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Our Wall of Beer by the numbers:

Spans 60′ feet wide (including ciders)

60 feet?  That’s longer than a school bus – although shorter than a football field. But not much.


Stacked with 500+ different beers

500. That’s a LOT of beer. Plus ciders to boot! Start counting… 1, 2, 3, 4… well, just skip to 498, 499, 500. Because even counting to 500 is a lot, let alone choosing among them.


Guaranteed to blow your mind*

*Not literally. But close. Stop by and see for yourself.


And if you like our Wall of Beer, you’ll LURV our Brew Crew!

What’s on Tap

Check out our CALENDAR to see what’s on tap, but know that sometimes plans change at the last minute. Rest assured, we’ll definitely have some amazing brews for you to taste!

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What’s the Brew Crew?

It’s the most bombdiggety beer deal around. And it’s going to help you find your favorites among over 500 brew varieties staring you in the face.

How can you decide with such a huge selection?

If you’ve ever wondered “Where can I sample beer in Bend, Oregon”, we’re pretty sure we’ve got the answer. Finding a new favorite beer is certainly not the easiest decision to make. Sure, they’re all refreshing, but a banana chocolate peanut butter ale? Peppercorns? Beet infused? Yikes, you don’t know if you want to be that adventurous, yet you’re oddly intrigued. That’s where Newport Avenue Market’s beer sampling comes in.

Let the Beer of the Week program help you!

Not only can you sample fun, funky, frivolous and fabulous beers here on Fridays, we’ve got a great program to give you a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’.

As a reward for venturing outside your comfort zone, or finding yourself lucky enough to have one of your favorites highlighted, you’ll receive a little extra incentive through Moolah. For every $50 spent on the Beer of the Week, you’ll receive $10 in Moolah. You seriously can’t beat that!! Seriously, you can’t.


We encourage you to leave comments and let us know your review on a brew. Let’s get some discussions brewing! Give us a call if you need to place a special order. We can be reached at 541-382-3940 just ask for the beer barons! Pick a category left to get started. See… told you there were lots!