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Meat for you…

We’re talking to the carnivores! Yes, we have the department for you. Our Meat Department. First of all, fillers do not make it through our doors! We are very proud to say that we were the pioneering store to carry Oregon Country Beef, formed as a co-op of family-owned Oregon ranches, dedicated to growing natural, delicious and humanely treated beef). You’ll find an extensive lineup of game meats, nitrate free and uncured selections, grass fed too!


“Best looking butchers in the world.” Yeah, that’s right! Women’s Health Magazine knows a good piece of meat when they see one; and our butchers were voted “Best looking butchers in the world.” Go ahead, look it up, it’s true, we saw it on the internet. And, if that isn’t enough for ya, our butchers construct a mean sausage, handcrafted daily and built from scratch following grandma’s recipes. All meats are ground in-house, from either whole muscle or trimmed from our steaks, roasts and chops. And don’t even get me started on those kabobs, yeah baby!


Did someone say BACON? We have, by far, the best tasting bacon around. You can take it home and make the best BLT this side of the Mississippi. Speaking of Mississippi and notoriety. Check out our Award Winning Deli!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call or email we’ll special order it for you.