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Anchorage Brewing Mosaic Saison

Ale with brettanomyces aged in fermented in oak tanks.

Brewery Sez...

Mosaic Saison Sameness is easy, predictable, accepted. Different, however, poses a challenge, gives way to debate, stimulate thought. The ancient art form of Mosaic is founded on the idea of creating splendor utilizing contrasting elements: jagged edges situated (un)comfortably next to rounded perfection, darkness clarifying the light, hammered down broken glass. It is these contradictory, different processes that create beauty. So I invite you to open your mind to contrast, enage in the experience, be perplexed, question the intricacies, and revel in this liquid Mosaic that is staking its claim to be different. Consider the unapologetic bitterness of Old Man Hop as he extends his gnarled fingers, taking a frictional grasp of your tongue. Flirtatiously nudging him aside, in bounces the charming singsong of his Hoppy Mistress greeting her guests with a fresh-cut platter of aromatic tropical fruity sweetness. Don’t mind if I do. Bring your awareness to the approach of the rustic, shady Saison Yeast Character, whose strands hang low over his downcast eyes, as he shyly mumbles “Sup Dude.” Contemplate the tapping of your feet, and allow a serious boogie down session with the jazzed up Effervescent Chap as he’s high fiving, and break dancing on your taste buds. Observe as the militant invasion of the feared Brettanomyces troupe flies in, offering proud salute to the sensory shape shifting that will slowly escort you to the artful transcendence of its Mosaic mission. Go ahead, drink in the scenic route through this fluid medly of colorful characters. Delight in different.

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