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India Gold Ale

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The lightest, hoppiest double IPA you’ll ever taste! Our popular “Golden Double IPA” returns for three months. This beer frist debuted as a collaboration with our good friends at Ninkasi Brewing. It was a trendsetter when it was first released on draft, as it highlights the route that lots of new hop bombs are headed: light in body, lighter in color, and HUGE in citrus flavor and aroma.

India Golden Ale or “I.G.A” is a showcase for two relatively new hops, mosaic and Eldorado. Mosaic gives the beer a bright mix of stonefruit and tropical flavors along wigth a big piney backbone. Eldorados are fruity and soften the finish. We keep the malt bill incredibly simple to allow the hops to take center stage in this elegant refreshing beer. ABV 8.1% IBUs 80

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