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Mikkeller Simcoe IPA

Brewed and canned for Mikkeller by Sly Fox

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Simcoe IPA Here at Mikkeller we love IPA, we love hops and in particular we love Single Hop IPA. Single Hop provides you with a unique opportunity to taste the different hop varieties isolated. Right now we have two different single hop series out. One is part of a PhD project that is trying to uncover how hops evolves over time and how the different types of hops taste when you measure them on bitterness, flavor, etc. This PhD series is brewed with the same amount of hops in each brew. This means that the 20 beers that are in this series have different IBU, from 38 to 114 depending on the amount of bitterness in the hops variant used in the brewing process. All the hops used in this series comes from carefully selected manufacturers and can all be traced back, not just one particular manufacturer, but to a certain field at that hop grower. We call it kosher hops. The second Single Hop Series that is out now, is not made to satisfy science. It is purely brewed to satisfy all you hop heads out there. All 15 beers in this series have an IBU of 100. This series is constantly growing with the emergence of new exciting hops on the market. ABV: 7.3%

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