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Pike IPA

Hop-forward IPA balanced with a malt backbone.

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Pike’s India Pale Ale (IPA) has stood the test of time. First brewed in 1990 the Pike IPA has a caramel malt backbone that lifts and balances its aromatic and bittering hops. The Pike IPA uses Washington State hops to its advantage, artfully mixing classic citrus and modern tropical fruit flavors. Golden amber in color with a lovely floral bouquet, this IPA pairs well with your favorite spicy, rich and flavorful foods. The Pike IPA – consistent, solid and classic.

English brewers began to export their beers late in the 18th century. Getting beer in good condition to far off markets like India, where thousands of British soldiers and officials lived, was a challenge. Brewers in Burton-upon-Trent increased the hops in the popular bitter pale ale from around 25 IBU to 60 IBU’s. The higher hops preserved the beer allowing it to make the long voyage. Pike Brewing Company was one of the first, American craft brewers to create a traditional IPA, hopped now, as then, at 60 IBU. That was back in 1990 and skeptics questioned anyone drinking a beer so highly hopped. Aren’t you glad we didn’t listen to those skeptics?

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