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Foodieology — A Bend Food Blog

Here in Bend, we live life more deliciously. And, we’d like you to join us. Across America, people are finding out that life is better in Bend, and that definitely extends to what’s on our plate and in our glass.


Our blog is the place to find out the best way to embrace the Bend food experience for all it has to offer. We’ve got the best recipes featuring local, regional and global flavors, plus great tips from our expert beer-food-and-wine know-it-alls. This is an online celebration of living deliciously in Bend.


And, we here at Newport Avenue Market are absolutely the ones to bring it to you, because you don’t get any more local than us. Since opening in 1991, we have been the No. 1 choice for local, regional and international foods. We know real food and real fun. That’s the real Bend — let’s live it together, deliciously!

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Maragas Winery

Support Local This Holiday Season Wine has been in the Maragas families’ bloodline for generations. Anna Maragas brought the business on...

Ken Wright 2012 is HERE!
3e466bb0904ace066e8092fb3c87e4e3If there were one vintage not to miss out on, this would be it. Ken Wright says that “after thirty-five years of winemaking experience in Oregon and California, [he] can count the truly great years on three fingers. 1979 in California’s Monterey County, 1990 in the Willamette Valley and, yes, 2012 in the Willamette Valley as well.” Well folks, the 2012’s are in the house!
New Produce!

We just got in a shipment of Buddhas’s Hand citron, Pink Lemons, Opal Apples (staff & customer favorite alike) and...

Turkey Time!
Ahh, autumn...the time of year when the color of the leaves change as quick as our appetites, as we trade the grill for the crock pot.
A Must Try Wine.

Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico 2009 Wine Enthusiast Magazine scored it 94 points saying "Here's a beautiful Chianti Classico from Panzano's Conca...

Stuffed Chops
Stuffed Chops and Beyond

Just because you’ve put your grill away for the season doesn’t mean cooking can’t be exciting!  Just take a peek...

New! Chicken Fried Mushrooms

Fried Chicken Mushrooms aka Lyophyllum decastes are fungi that are usually found in dense clusters in gravel (think roads and...

Pink Pumpkins?!
Pink-Pumpkin-Patch-Logo pink pumpkins Yep! We just received pink pumpkins; which we’ve dubbed the “Pink Panther” for this holiday season.
Fall Beer is Here!
Time to break out the autumn ales, and browns, and some pumpkins and... and ...
Summer’s not over yet….

Beautiful weather is still upon us! Let us help you take advantage of it. It's not too late to get great...

Red Plate Muffins* (Gluten Free!)

Parents, you've treated the kids all summer, now the treat is on Red Plate Foods! School starts back next week and...

Melée Wine
We have just the wine for you!melee2
NEWport Avenue Market 2.0

New. Shiny. Sparkling. Vibrant. Witty (or so we think). & Animated. Let's face it, every so often a makeover is needed,...