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Foodieology — A Bend Food Blog

Here in Bend, we live life more deliciously. And, we’d like you to join us. Across America, people are finding out that life is better in Bend, and that definitely extends to what’s on our plate and in our glass.


Our blog is the place to find out the best way to embrace the Bend food experience for all it has to offer. We’ve got the best recipes featuring local, regional and global flavors, plus great tips from our expert beer-food-and-wine know-it-alls. This is an online celebration of living deliciously in Bend.


And, we here at Newport Avenue Market are absolutely the ones to bring it to you, because you don’t get any more local than us. Since opening in 1991, we have been the No. 1 choice for local, regional and international foods. We know real food and real fun. That’s the real Bend — let’s live it together, deliciously!

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L is for Lamb Kebob
L is for Lamb Kebob

Thinking about summertime grilling, outdoor gatherings, and gourmet camping cuisine? Two words: Lamb kebobs....

J is for Jalapeno

The Jalapeno pepper is likely the most popular and best known spicy chili pepper in the universe....

I is for Ice Cube Tray
I is for Ice Cube Tray

Behold: the ice cube tray. A kitchen essential that, maybe, you don’t use as often as you’d like. ...

Edamame - A to Z - Food by Letter
Food by Letter – F is for Fish

Here at Newport Market, we pride ourselves on our flippin’ freshtastic fish. We’re talkin’ off-the-hook salmon, tuna, opah, halibut, swordfish...

Edamame - A to Z - Food by Letter
E is for Edamame

Say it after us: “eh-da-ma-meh.” Edamame is the Japanese name for young soybeans and literally means “stem beans"....

C is for Cheese
Food by Letter – C is for Cheese

  C is for Cheese Cheese is an ancient food whose origins predate recorded history. A dairy product, derived from milk, it...