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Elysian Omen

Heady and delicious Belgian-style raspberry stout.

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Elysian Omen The funny thing about omens is that they often come back to haunt you. Omen from Seattle’s Elysian Brewing is no exception. This heady and delicious Belgian-style raspberry stout made its first appearance as the November offering in 2012²s 12 Beers of the Apocalypse series, counting down what were thought by some“well, the Mayans, anyway“to be the planet’s last days. Now it’s come back, not as an unsettling reminder of portentous words but welcomed both by those who enjoyed it back then and newcomers to the beer. Omen is the first in a new series of beers from Elysian, which will periodically release another dark beer of prodigious character. Later into the year will come The Dread, a wood-aged Imperial Stout previously brewed by Steve Luke at Elysian Fields, and after that will come a newly-dubbed beer reprising the 2013 GABF silver medal-winning chocolate coffee stout we brewed for one of Brew Dog’s globe-trotting TV shows seen on the Esquire Network. The episode was filmed aboard the Bainbridge Island ferry, but the actual brew was crafted by Steve Luke at our Elysian Fields brewery. ABV: 7.9%

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