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Olvisholt Lava

Smoked Imperial Stout with a thick brown head. Sweet with chocolate and roasted malt in the flavour. The aftertaste is roasted malt, smoke and warming alcohol. Aroma of smoke chocolate and a bit of alcohol.

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Olvisholt Lava Olvisholt Lava has a very special place in beer production in this country and indeed globally. Lava is kolsvart ale the color comes from dark roasted malt which has been roasted in the same way as coffee beans. Objective Brewery Master was doing beer had unique. Originally Lava produced in Sweden, but it was decided after production began to put Lava in the trial of Monopoly that went beyond expectations. Lava is like good wine, it improves the bottle for 3 years if it is stored in a cool place. ABV: 9.4%

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