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Yowie Sour Ale

Sour Ale with Lychee Fruit and Rose Hips

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Brewed in the spirit of Glen Hayes Falconer, Yowie Sour Ale is a collaboration beer to benefit up and coming brewers. We invited our friends from Widmer Brothers Brewery down to collaborate on this unique kettle sour ale. Lactobacillus, donated by Imperial Yeast, was added during the process and allowed to sour in tank. After the boil, we introduced rose hips to the brew to create a level of complexity in the mouth feel. Once fermentation was complete, the addition of lychee fruit creates a sweet and fruity complement to the floral aroma and tart finish. Enjoy this collaboration amongst brewers, suppliers, and friends, and raise a pint to help us donate to the Falconer Foundation in memory of Glen. ABV 5%

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