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Bendelicious! Beer, Brats, Bacon and more Beer.

Mark you calendars because August 31st is International Bacon Day! (Yes it does exist, the Internet said so). 😉

We’re taking bacon to a new level of awesomeness and we’re celebrating brats and bacon and beer and more beer… being Bendites obviously beer is a must, duh! So welcome to Beer, Brats, Bacon and more Beer!

Get ready for some triple fisted goodness to send your summer out with a bang! This Saturday we’re practicing the art of being Bendelicious all day long. We’ll be rocking delicious food and samples from all departments including beer pairings and smoking hot deals… literally.  For instance, get 10% off all local bombers, and free Bendelicious SWAG, and Bacon Maple Bars, and Black Butte Brats at a crazy discount and much more.  That’s a lot of ands!

…and to think we had you at bacon.  🙂

Be sure you check our calendar as we continually have fun stuff happening between these walls of ours!

See you Saturday!!

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