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COFFEE Makes the World Go ‘Round

Newport Ave Market Coffee

Java. Cuppa Joe. Jitter Juice. Rocket Fuel. Morning Thunder. Liquid Joy. Whatever you choose to call it (and whether you sip it from grandma’s antique cup or slurp it from a mason jar you found in the garage), coffee is hella good. We cherish it so much here at Newport Ave. Market that we’ve dedicated half an aisle to the good stuff.

From local awesomeness to international palate trips, we’ve got a coffee for everyone.


Thump Coffee is known for its adventurous vibe. With four blends in stock, you can grind your own whole beans right in our store or pick up a bag to use later on. Our favorite is North Fork, a blend of citrus, vanilla, and chocolate for a smooth pick-me-up.

Thump Coffee at Newport Ave. Market


Sisters Coffee has been a staple of the Central Oregon coffee scene since 1989. They  know their beans! We offer 8 various blends, with the ability to grind your own beans on-site. High Desert Sunrise is the freaking bee’s knees. With notes of hazelnut, honey and lemon, this bean juice knows how to dazzle.

Newport Ave Market Sisters Coffee


Champions of direct trade and estate coffee, Backporch Coffee is a sublime cup of joe. Eight blends, with the option to grind your own beans, means you’ll find the perfect caffeine infusion to get your day rolling. We are currently loving Cascadia Reserve, a coffee from Brazil that tastes like an orange creamsicle dipped in malted chocolate.


Certified organic and fair trade, Strictly Organic delivers sustainable coffee to the peeps of Central Oregon. With 8 blends to choose from, you can grind your own beans right at our store. Organic Paso Doble Blend hits the sweet spot as a complex, dynamic choice for coffee fanatics.

Strictly Organic at Newport Ave. Market


For those who prefer coffee with an international flair, 17 world blends are at your fingertips. Literally… grind your own in store or pick up a pre-filled bag. With flavors such as Costa Rican Supreme, Irish Creme, Hawaiian Blend and Vanilla Creme Brûlée, we’ve got everything from mild and sweet to a robust “knock your socks off” brew.

Don’t forget about Newport’s own signature coffee blend! Exclusively roasted for us by the fine folks at Backporch Coffee, this chocolatey-citrus concoction makes the perfect I-love-everything-about-today cup of morning goodness. Look for the shiny purple bag they next time you wander our aisles.

Whether you’re a one cup a day coffee devotee or a full pot, full-tilt freak, we’ve got a coffee for every taste under the sun. Cheers to your morning mojo!

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