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Country Natural Beef is Corn FREE.

Country Natural Beef 2You all know our Country Natural Beef.  Since 1986, we’ve been proudly serving to you the finest cuts of beef in the Northwest.  This Co-op of family owned ranches has come a long way; from the original 14 families sitting in a circle in a barn in Brothers, Oregon (yes, that really was the first company meeting!),warnock1_sm to the over one hundred ranches dedicated to humanely raising delicious, quality beef that is both good for you, and the land that feeds us.  Well, folks, another milestone has been met.  We are proud to announce that all Country Natural Beef is ENTIRELY corn-free!!!
From birth to table, it is certified that not one grain of corn enters the cattle’s diet.
This is a huge step for the natural beef industry, and we hope that others follow suit soon. Country Natural Beef
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