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COVID-19 Update

We are your neighborhood market and we care about you, our neighbors and friends that choose to shop with us. Through the unbelievable changes that began many months ago due to a global pandemic, we are thankful you’ve placed your trust in our stores to provide you a safe grocery shopping experience during uncertain times. 

More importantly, regarding COVID-19, we want you to know the measures we continue to take every day.

✔ Wear masks
✔ Stay home if not feeling good
✔ Wash hands every 30 minutes
✔ Wear gloves in fresh departments and at check out

✔ Sanitize touch points every hour
    Carts, baskets, check out, door handles, etc.
✔ Wipes and sanitizer stations
✔ Require everyone who enters our store to wear a mask
✔ Limiting customers as needed

We are doing our best to have your back. Through common sense, good hand washing and hygiene, following the scientific recommendations of organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) as well as state and federal agencies, this too shall pass.

We will see you in our stores!

Lauren & all of our Employee Owners

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