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Garlis Spears will blow your mind!

Garlic Spears

Flower Tops from Elephant Garlic


When cooked, garlic spears have a very mild garlic flavor with a texture and taste somewhere between asparagus and artichoke. The whole spear may be eaten- as is.

Steam or sauté lightly (3-5 minutes depending on how crisp you like your vegetables) and serve with a little butter and lemon juice.

They are also delicious served chilled as an appetizer and a companion to your favorite dip.

Pureed, they make a wonderfully mild garlic soup. Chopped raw they are very hot and will spice up your baked potatoes, salads or dips.

For a very special touch, steam lightly, cut into inch long pieces and add them to your favorite pasta dishes.

What’s your favorite way to use them?