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Ham & Pickled Asparagus Wrap Recipe

Don’t let the word “pickled” scare you! These appetizers will be gobbled up first.

1 large jar of pickled asparagus
2 packages of our Gorgonzola Dip or an 8 oz package of cream cheese
1.5 lbs sliced Boar’s Head Ham (Smokemaster, Rosemary, Honey Baked or Black Forest)

TIP: Ask our Deli to set the slicer on #8 for perfect ham slices.

Lay a slice of ham on your cutting board. Spread with a light layer of the chunky gorgonzola spread, almost to the edge. Lay an asparagus spear on one end and simply roll it up. Chill until ready to eat. Makes 20. This is one of Rudy’s faves, because he’s a roll-up guy!

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