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You Know You’re a Foodie When…

Check yourself against the “Are you a Foodie” list.  You’ll probably not be surprised by the results. 🙂

Your spice cabinet is filled with more than 17 different kinds of salts

Your Instagram feed is filled with pics of stuff you’ve eaten

Out of the 20 tabs currently open on your web browser, 18 of them are food-related

You’re on a first-name basis with your butcher

You read ingredient labels like you do a textbook

There is a leaning tower of cookbooks on your bedside table

You unwind at the end of a long day

by watching cooking shows

You can correctly identify a Santoku in a chefs knife lineup

You wake up wondering what’s for dinner

You enjoy food


Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or new to the good food scene, there’s room for everyone at the Newport table. Welcome, foodies. You’ve found your sanctuary.

The term “foodie” has evolved since food critic Gael Greene first coined it in 1980. It’s no longer about people with pretentious food choices. It’s not about the deliberate, wistful munching of artisanal toast every morning, or casually throwing around the word “umami” to describe every one of your culinary adventures. In our book, foodies are people with an ardent interest in food, especially food that is healthy and produced sustainably. “The foodie movement is about real food and fresh ingredients,” says Newport Avenue Market’s own Debbie Dory. “People appreciate choices. It’s about a more thoughtful approach to food.”


A good meal can be life affirming. A mix of fresh ingredients, interesting flavors, and surrounding yourself with people, while sharing food you love around a table, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. “That’s what human life is all about, enjoying things,” said the ultimate foodie, Julia Childs.

As the food hub of Central Oregon, Newport Avenue Market keeps on top of what is currently trending in food, putting a creative spin on what people are used to. We are leading a food movement that promotes farm-to-table and healthy, natural, delicious food. In fact, we’re all about keeping it local- think locally-raised beef (where each and every cut can be traced back to the ranch where it was raised), veggies grown just down the road using aquaponics, and award winning artisan cheeses.


Our global selection from various ethnicities and niches makes experimenting with food fun. There’s so much out there to try! Need Lion’s Mane mushrooms? Or Blood Orange Reserve olive oil? Let your foodie imagination run wild down any of our aisles. Coffee-flavored salt? Got it. Sombrerino pasta from Italy in the shape of a Mexican hat? We’ve got you covered.

Food nerds… wear your love of food like a badge of honor. Play with your food… we won’t tell! Chop. Saute. Drizzle. Lick your lips. Enjoy. Be grateful. Stay curious. And above all, enjoy the adventure.

Life is short. Eat good food.

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