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Natural Sea Sponges

Hand harvested in the Gulf just off the coast of Tarpon Springs, Florida then hand picked by Lauren just a few short weeks ago.


Squishy sponge facts…

The natural sea sponge is a renewable resource from the sea which has been harvested for over 150yrs. If not harvested, sea sponges have a definitive life span of approximately 10 years, harvesting allows for re-generation and extended life.

There are approximately 5000 (!) species of sponges identified by scientists worldwide with only seven species harvested worldwide and considered to be commercially viable.

They can be used for anything from planting orchids or other plants (vase sponge) to cleaning your face gently, in the shower and bath, giving baby a bath, massage, exfoliate, washing your car, cleaning windows, in painting, in pottery, and more!

Caring for your natural sea sponge…

  • Squeeze excess water out, don’t wring it or twist it out.
  • Allow for good air circulation; don’t let it sit in water.
  • Never us ammonia or bleach, this will deteriorate and weaken the sponge.

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    • admin says:

      Pat, one of our favorites is the Urban Spa Gentle Walnut Exfoliating Buffer. It’s gentle enough for the face and you can pick them up at the store!

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