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We’re Thankful You’ve Placed Your Trust In Our Stores

Yay for us! Through the unbelievable changes that began many months ago due to a global pandemic, coupled with historic fires that ravaged our neighbors and state, we continue to persevere through it all.

We are thankful you’ve placed your trust in our stores to provide you a safe grocery shopping experience during uncertain times. We understand how fortunate we are to have jobs, and a business that has remained open because you choose to shop with us.

How hard could it be to sell groceries? Well, it can be tough to be honest. Our supply chain experienced challenges, with items out of stock and unpredictable deliveries. We stopped traveling to trade shows to find some of our unique items and went virtual. We adjusted our schedules and hours. We started sanitizing like crazy. We accelerated our online shopping options. The examples just go on…but, we saw our Employee Owners rise to the challenges.

There is so much more behind all the ways our team has adapted. As we have always said and continue to believe, what we do, selling groceries, matters. The fact that our teams chose to do so with the level of pride, commitment, ownership, and care for our community, speaks volumes. I couldn’t be prouder of the over 170 colleagues in our 3 stores.

Frankly, all this continued change in how we live, is not over. For now, it is time to share my thanks to our team. Thanking our Employee Owners with the Thanksgiving holiday off, at all our stores, is the best way I know how. This is the first time in many years our stores will be closed on the holiday.

We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020

Be sure to pick up all your holiday cooking needs during our regular hours; 7 am – 10 pm in Bend, 7 am – 7 pm in Sisters, and 6 am – 9 pm in Terrebonne. We will be open as usual on Friday morning.

Big things are ahead in the coming weeks! To be in the know, and get the inside scoop, you must be signed up with a FoodeFlash card.

This means you’ve gone online to newportavemarket.com/foode-flash-card/foode-flash-programs or oliverlemons.com/foode-flash to be sure your email and phone number are up to date and connected to your card. You will not want to miss out, so log in today.

We know this holiday will look a lot different for many people. Here’s to finding joy in that difference and making your own magic!

My heart is full of gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving.

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