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A Love Note to our Neighbors, Friends and Customers

We are your neighborhood market and we care about you, our neighbors and friends that choose to shop with us. More importantly, given the World Health Organizations declaration of a world pandemic regarding COVID-19, we want you to know the measures we are taking based on the recommendations of the health professionals and scientists.

  • As we always do, and even more so now, washing our hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing, at least twice daily, of:
    • grocery carts
    • basket handles
    • credit card terminals
    • counters
    • register areas
    • scale keypads
  • We continue to offer sanitizing wipes for you to do an additional wipe down of your cart handle or handled basket.

As a reminder, we were the first store more than 20 years ago that made it mandatory for our food service staff to wear and change their gloves and we continue those practices today.

Per the FDA, there is no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 on imported or domestic fruits and vegetables.

We are in daily contact with our industry groups like FMI (The Food Industry Association), NGA (National Grocers Association), and local and state health offices seeking guidance of best practices.

We are doing our best to provide, on our shelves, what you want to buy. And, while hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are unavailable through our wholesalers, we are doing our best to order in extra bleach and other proven cleaning items, as well as everyday items like toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, bottled water, dish and hand soap, dried beans, rice, milk, and other groceries.

Our varied wholesalers are struggling to meet the demand of more groceries being trucked to grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest, and our delivery loads are no different.

Please, as always, we ask that you wash your reusable bags often, regardless of this most recent announcement.

As we have always asked of our employee-owner staff if they don’t feel well, “please, stay home.” We offer paid sick leave for them. At this time, our hours remain the same and, if this should change, we will post that.

What I hope you’ll read in this is that we are doing our best to have your back. We are all in this together and through common sense, good hand washing and hygiene, following the scientific recommendations of organizations like WHO (World Health Organization) as well as state and federal agencies, this too shall pass.

We will see you in our stores!

Lauren & all of our Employee Owners

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