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Cheese Makes Everything Better

It is estimated that a third of life’s pleasurable moments involve cheese in some capacity. Holiday parties? Check. Date night? Check. Gilmore Girls Netflix binge? Check.

Life is simply too short to not enjoy cheese. That’s why there’s always a whole lotta’ goodness going on in our cheese department. Our friendly, cheese-passionate employees are always willing to offer Newport customers samples of most cheeses we carry. We get it. “Try before you buy” is crucial when a chunk of cheese is on the line.


It is often said that Newport Avenue Market has the best cheese department in Central Oregon. It’s not only because we hire spirited cheese lovers who can “talk cheese” like it’s nobody’s business, but a lot of time and effort also goes into seeking out the rarest and finest cheeses for our customers. Anyone who has spent time picking through our cases can attest:

It’s like going to cheese heaven!

wheel of cheese(Now that’s a luscious hunk of cheese!)
With both domestic and foreign kinds of cheese to choose from, our incredible selection contains something for everyone’s palate. Some of our favorites include:

Ancient Heritage Dairy


Inspired by artisanal cheesemaking straight out of Europe, Ancient Heritage Dairy (from Portland, Oregon) has crafted some mouthwateringly exquisite, award-winning cheeses. One of our favorites is Willow Creek.

Washed in red wine, with a slight wild mushroom flavor and a fruity edge, this delish cheese has been aged for at least 90 days.

Cowgirl Creamery

mt Tam cheese

Out of Petaluma, California, Cowgirl Creamery creates organic artisan cheese for people who really love cheese. They source their high-quality milk from a local California creamery, making some of the most delicious cheeses you’ve ever tasted.

Their most popular cheese, the award-winning Mt. Tam, is a triple cream cheese made from cultured butter with hints of white mushroom.

Face Rock Creamery

vampire slayer

Face Rock Creamery, from Bandon, Oregon (on the southern coastline), is a young, award-winning cheesemaker known for doing things the old-fashioned way. This has resulted in some seriously delicious cheeses!


One of our favorites is Vampire Slayer, a garlic-infused cheddar that is guaranteed to take down any vampire that crosses your path!

If European cheeses are what you crave, we’ve got you covered. One of our favorites is Boschetto al Tartufo, a Tuscan cheese infused with pieces of rare white truffles. Voted as one of the best cheeses in the 1998 Cheese Show in France, it’s perfect for those who enjoy an earthy, luxurious and robust-tasting cheese.

When it comes to cheese, we always want to make our customers feel like they are experiencing good food… and good cheese… a global expedition of flavor! Whether it’s cheese from Oregon or from Switzerland, cheese is the perfect way to expand one’s horizons. When you really think about it, cheese has a magical way of making life… better.

What are some of your favorite cheeses? Let us know in the comments!

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