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Food by Letter – F is for Fish

Edamame - A to Z - Food by Letter

Here at Newport Market, we pride ourselves on our flippin’ freshtastic fish. We’re talkin’ off-the-hook salmon, tuna, opah, halibut, swordfish — the best that’s runnin’, from all over the continental US. These guys have never seen the inside of a freezer (which means they’re F’n fabulous).

Our fishmongers can guide you to whatever is freshest year-round. There’s Dungeness crab, fresh, briny Pacific Northwest oysters, and more to keep you healthy, happy and satisfied, whether you’ve just come off the river or the mountain. Not only do we bring you the best quality fish, we’re your personal seafood concierges, with the answers to anything, from cooking tips, recipes and side dishes, to wine and beer pairings.

Fish + wine = divine! It’s time to go beyond dry white wine and consider the whole rainbow of wine offerings when serving fish as the centerpiece of your meal. While dry white wine and mild white fish do make an excellent pairing, there are so many fun (and delicious) combinations that are just as mouthwatering.

Both texture and flavor are important when considering your pairings. Fish can generally be divided into four groups:

Lean and flaky mild fish: flounder, sole, perch
Medium-textured fish: trout, seabass, haddock, cod
Meaty fish: salmon, tuna, monkfish, swordfish
Strong-flavored fish: herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies

We’ve taken these groups into consideration, as well as some popular flavors, to help guide the pairings below:

Prosecco and Fried Fish: Pair this bubbly drink with a salty fish dish. Classics like fried fish and chips, which is traditionally made with cod or haddock, provide the perfect complement to the crispy, citrusy sweetness of Prosecco. The savory beer battered coating is elevated by the acidity and effervescence of this sweet wine.
Moscato and Spicy Fish: Low in alcohol, sweet and a tiny bit fizzy, Moscato wine is filled with aromas like vanilla, peach, jasmine and caramel. To balance its sweet, mild flavor, try pairing Moscato with a dish like spicy fish tacos. The typical fish for spicy tacos is going to be a mild white fish like tilapia, sole, or snapper. The sharpness of the wine helps control the spice a bit if it gets overwhelming.

Italian Whites and White, Flaky Fish Fillets: We like to look for grapes such as Vermentino, Fiano and Grillo, which make fresh, lemony wines. Whites from Sicily and Sardinia sometimes have a fresh salty tang that works well with delicate and mild-flavoured fish like sole and tilapia.

Rosés and Meaty, Pink Fish: Fish that has a more meaty texture, like swordfish or monkfish, as well as pink-fleshed fishes like tuna and salmon often pair perfectly with rosés and lighter reds. Try sparkling rosé with smoked salmon; the texture of the bubbles makes a lovely contrast with the soft fattiness of the fish.

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