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Food for February 2015 Results

Dear Fellow Foodies, You guys are da bomb diggity!

We are so excited and grateful to all of you for reaching and exceeding our goal of $50,000. You, our generous customers, raised an astonishing amount of $26,000 towards Food for February! As promised, we have matched the funds (up to $25,000) dollar-for-dollar. This includes several thousand dollars from 100 Women Who Care, and our awesome partner, Oregon Country Beef, stepped up to donate an additional $5,000 (at wholesale prices) in beef, totaling $56,000! CHA-CHING!!! Thank you for being an active part of the community we live, work and play in.

Working with major brands, while using your gift dollars, Newport Avenue Market will now purchase groceries at cost for Family Kitchen to provide enough meals for the ENTIRE YEAR! Damn skippy, you’re the shiznet!

Once again you are a part of one of the largest fresh food donations in the tri-county region! December was truly a time of giving! What a great way to start this wonderful new year, know what I mean?!

Lauren G.R. Johnson
Leader of the Pack (vrrrooom!) & CEO of Newport Avenue Market

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