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A New Fresh Fusion of Sweet & Nutty

First of all. What are Kalettes?

Kalettes are a hybrid of Brussels Sprouts and Kale. Think about it, you take two popular vegetables and “Frankenstein” them together to make one tasty veggie. Also known as the vegetable ‘Cool Kid,’ this has been a 15 year long process to create this lab perfected plant. Introduced in the fall of 2014, this new product is labeled as a kale-like vegetable but very versatile. Check out the Recipes! (click icon below)


Kalettes were named one of the trendiest vegetables in the last 50 years by Bon Appétit Magazine. I bet the creator of this new and exciting morsel, Tozer Seeds, a British vegetable breeding company, is pretty excited to get these new veggies into stores! Especially since the process takes so long to perfect a product: Kalettes are the last new vegetable to hit the markets since the Broccolini in 1993!

To add a tidbit of information, in the UK, these tasty morsels are referred to as ‘Flower Sprouts,’ but due to America’s obsession with Kale, Kalettes were born!

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