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New! Chicken Fried Mushrooms

photo 2Fried Chicken Mushrooms aka Lyophyllum decastes are fungi that are usually found in dense clusters in gravel (think roads and paths) or in landscaped areas. They are know to grace Northern California from Fall to Spring and are found farther North for harvesting in the Summer time. Now lets get to the taste! Dubbed “fried chicken mushrooms’ due to their meaty texture and juiciness, these nuggets pack a punch of flavor. Some say that flavor is chicken, others think the “chicken” is found in the texture, we’ll let you be the judge of that!

Here is a suggestion from Chef Kristin on how to prepare these mushrooms.

What you’ll need:

-Fried Chicken Mushrooms, 1 Egg, Salt and Pepper, Corn Flour, Oil

Toss some oil in a frying pan and bring to a high temperature. Wash mushrooms, halve them and place them in the egg/salt and pepper mixture. Next coat them in corn flour and place them in the frying pan for a couple of minutes on each side until crispy. Let them cool and enjoy!

Give it a try and let us know if you think it tastes like chicken..

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