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Stuffed Chops and Beyond

Stuffed Chops

Just because you’ve put your grill away for the season doesn’t mean cooking can’t be exciting!  Just take a peek at our Newport’s Own Stuffed Pork Chops.  These chops are just as visually enticing as are their succulent flavors; from the classic Old Fashioned Butcher’s Stuffing and it’s dried cranberries and apples, to the exotic Greve’, with Italian cheeses, diced prosciutto, lemon zest and savory herb, these chops will have your family and friends wide-eyed and impressed before they even get the first bite.  Don’t forget to try the Tuscany, Pesto, Creole, Florentine, and Artichoke Bleu Cheese, too!

WAIT! It doesn’t stop there…

If you love our stuffed chicken breasts, you gotta try our brand new flavors; three cheese bacon jalapeno, so over stuffed with flavor it’ll have you begging for more.  Or the Pesto Fontina, smooth and rich.  These can’t be any easier to prepare.  Oven, check.  baking dish, check.  40 minutes at 350, check and double check.  Grab a few, and put ’em in your freezer for a rainy day, you’ll be glad you did.

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