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New Produce!

We just got in a shipment of Buddhas’s Hand citron, Pink Lemons, Opal Apples (staff & customer favorite alike) and brown Turkey figs. Here is a little more information on how to enjoy these seasonal faves…


One look at Buddha’s Hand Citron and you’re probably thinking “what on earth do I do with this?!” Well, that’s a good question, so here’s the skinny; they contain no pulp or juice, however, they’re your best friend when it comes to zesting, talk about some fragrant zest!! Basically you can substitute Buddha Hand anywhere standard lemon zest is called for, but for the not so basic ideas, you can infuse spirits such as vodka, slice it into strips (or cubes) and candy the peel in simple syrup, then you can toss it into your baked goods! Lemony goodness!!

129460730750988750_400_0_0_0_False_Color [Empty]Pink Lemons are in the house! Yes, these lemons when combined with a little sugar or agave make for a delightful lemonade. But if you’re not in the seasonal mood for lemonade then how about making some classic recipes with a little spin by adding the awesome pink lemon juice. Enjoy a pink lemontini, lemon cake, lemon bars or lemon pie! Mmmmm pie!

6572Brown Turkey Figs. HECK YES. These morsels are hitting our shelves today! The trick to making sure your figs are ripe is pretending that they’re peaches. They’ll become soft like a peach when ripe, but they should not be mushy or fall apart! Brown Turkey figs are perfect for jams or preserves, or wrapped in prosciutto (sneak a little chèvre in there too) or make a bruschetta with pecorino romano, apples (insert opal apples) and sliced figs! Yummy, yummy figs in your (my) tummy. Don’t miss out.


Opal Apple w slice SMALLThe Opal Apple is BACK!! This bright yellow apple with natural russeting at the stem, is praised for its crunchy texture, sweet and tangy flavor, but the real awesome factor of this apple is it doesn’t brown! Talk about the perfect sliced treat for snack time!! Enjoy an opal apple by itself, pair it with some cheese or grab some caramel dip and you’re good to go.

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