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Newport’s Favorite Finds: Part One

Whoosh! We are back from round one of our whirlwind tradeshow circuit. Our feet are tired, our brains are hopped up on copious amounts of caffeine and the shelves at Newport Avenue Market are full of our newest finds.

Here are a few of our favorites that we think you’ll love:


Ugly Doll

These plush creatures are so cute ugly that you’ll want to hug them all dang day. Collect as much ugly as you can hope for with reincarnations from The Wizard of Oz, DC Comics, Star Trek, and KISS. The oddball in your life will love one of these thrown in with the 17 pillows already on their bedspread!


Silk Road Soda

Silk Road Soda was Lauren’s pick of the tradeshow tour! Inspired by the Silk Road leading from China to the Mediterranean and a grandmother’s legendary Persian recipe, each sparkling soda is low-calorie (woot!) and made with organic ingredients. It’s light, sophisticated and exceptionally refreshing. Lauren’s advice? Start with cucumber mint!


Girly Go Garter

It’s a real pain in the keister to lug around a bulky handbag when all you really need are your keys, cash, credit cards and phone. The Girly Go Garter securely holds as much as a purse. Made of lingerie lace and microfiber (and with inside lock-flap pockets to keep everything secure), each garter holds up to 3 lbs. of your most important stuff. Tested and approved by The Rockettes as well as our very own Lauren.


Pop Art Dog Pillow

These are the best “just make you happy” throw pillows ever! Created by famed Arizona artist Sal Romano, each vibrant 18 x 18 canvas pillow showcases a perfect and playful interpretation of different dog breeds.


Bora Scarf

Made by hand from Alpaca fur and acrylic fibers, the Bora scarf is one of our favorite finds. Double it up and wear as a chunky scarf or necklace or wear loosely with jeans and a t-shirt. It’ll look fetching, no matter which way you wear it!

Wet-It! Sponge

Wet it Sponge

Cleaning up doesn’t have to be dull as dishwater… just use a sponge like this. Wet it and watch it expand! Made of super-absorbent cotton & cellulose, this reusable cloth soaks up 16x its weight and lasts forever (okay, okay… about 6 months, which is ancient in sponge years). It’s also 100% biodegradable and comes in patterns that will match any kitchen.


Sonny Angel

Need the perfect gift for a quirky co-worker or your peculiar cousin Penelope? These adorable little kewpie dolls will keep them grinning all day long. With itsy-bitsy anatomically correct boy parts and cute little hats, these dolls are practically guaranteed to find a place of prominence on a desktop or dashboard. Each doll comes blind packaged… you are always surprised by what you find when you open the box!



We’ve added to the Pacifica line of delicious scents with perfume rollers and lotioned hand wipes. Instead of lugging a tube of messy lotion with you wherever you go, imagine whipping a disposable cloth out of a travel pack and wiping away your dryness. And have you caught a whiff of this stuff? You’ll be the weirdo who keeps smelling his hands all day. It’s that good!



Your budding Picasso deserves safe, non-toxic art materials for all of her creations. Eco-Kids offers an assortment of eco-friendly art supplies, including rock-shaped crayons, all natural play dough, egg coloring kits, and recycled art pads. Your refrigerator will be loaded up with new masterpieces in no time!


Aria Recycled Bags and Wallets

What’s cooler than cool? Aria bags and wallets! Made of recycled materials such as tire tubes (!), reclaimed leather and repurposed canvas, each handbag and wallet is a unique handcrafted piece of art.

We had a great time scouring the Fancy Food Show and both the Seattle and Las Vegas Gift Shows. Our tradeshow team (Randy, Lauren, Wade, James, Laura, Jeff, Jody, Joe, Billy, Sheri, Rudy, and Debbie) walks miles and miles to bring you the unique items that make Newport Avenue Market your one-stop-shop for all that is weird and wonderful in the world.

Stay tuned next month for our Foodie finds!

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