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Newport’s Favorite Finds: Part Two

In San Francisco, it’s amazing what one block will do. It’s the difference between sleeping soundly in a comfy hotel bed or being awakened at 3 a.m. by rappers and a one-person street protest. The one block differential also means that garbage trucks come lumbering by at 4 a.m. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Who doesn’t love a good adventure?

Bay Area hotel choices aside… next time, we’ll move one block over… our second round of hitting the trade show circuit turned up some fantastic foodie finds that we are excited to share with you!


StoneWall Kitchen Bloody Mary Mix

We like unusual things. And these Bloody Mary mixes from Stonewall are a surprising twist on a classic drink. The zesty Peppadew Sriracha will totally startle your taste buds


Miltons Gluten Free Crackers

It can be difficult to find a gluten-free ANYTHING that doesn’t taste like a roll of paper towels. So when we bit into these crispy crackers from Milton’s, we were all, “These are gluten-free? Heck yeah!” All of the flavors taste great (Multi-Grain, Everything, and Crispy Sea Salt), but the Sea Salt rocked our socks off.


EVOL Street Tacs

What’s LOVE spelled backwards? EVOL… a company for people who care about where their food comes from. They have crafted some amazing new street tacos… seriously, they are crazy delicious… that include flavor-packin’ sauce pouches, so you get to spice it up just the way you like it. When your friends ask where the food truck is at, tell them to check the freezer.


Charles Chocolates

Holding one of these heavy chocolate bars in your hand makes you realize that this is some dang fine chocolate! All-natural and handmade in small batches, these delicious chocolate treats come in tempting flavors such as Toffee Coffee, Caramelized Cocoa Nib, and Salty-Sweet Cashew. How much can you love a chocolate bar? Not enough, in our opinion.


Habenero Honey

Habaneros are probably the last thing on your mind when you think of honey. Think again! This fusion honey from Eugene combined the two to create something amazing. Sweet collides with heat in one tingling tornado of flavor. Imagine what this would taste like drizzled over fruit salad or brushed on grilled chicken just before serving!


O Brand Balsamic Vinegars

We love a good balsamic vinegar and how it wakes up the palate. And we love variety in our cooking… including our vinegars. O Brand Balsamics are some of our favorites and when we tried a few of their new flavors, Orange Blossom and Honey White Balsamic, our taste buds went into hyperdrive.


Spicely Chocolates

These tea- and spice-infused chocolates from Spicely are the freaking bomb! Each tin contains chocolate discs you pop in your mouth whenever you need a hit of flavor. We think good chocolate should be savored… and these babies do the trick.


Lark Shortbread

Cookies for grownups? Awesome. These shortbread cookies from Lark totally wake up tired taste buds. That’s what we like so much about these savory treats. Not only are they buttery good, but they come in fabulous flavors such as salted rosemary and burnt sugar and fennel.


Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball

Remember kicking the Folgers can around when you were a kid as you tried to make homemade ice cream? We’ve come a long way since then! This soft shell ice cream ball takes ice cream making to a whole new level. Add simple ingredients in one end (cream, sugar, vanilla) and ice and rock salt to the other end. The softshell exterior makes it fun to shake, roll and play your way to a pint of delicious ice cream in about 20 minutes.


Grandps Fire Fork Sporks

We are useful camping gadget junkies! So when we saw these from Light My Fire, we knew we had to have them. The iconic Spork, a spoon/knife/fork combo, now comes in an unbelievable number of colors. No more fighting over what spork belongs to what person. And Grandpa’s Fire Fork? This clever gadget makes cooking over a campfire a cinch. No need to cut or sharpen branches. The fire fork attaches to practically any stick for a snug fit.

We love scouring the food shows and discovering the newest, tastiest, most eclectic specialty and hard-to-find groceries that delight our customers. To us, it’s all about good food… and we’ll walk miles of trade show floors to bring this to you.

Next time you are in our store, check out all of the new items overflowing the shelves.

See you around the aisles!

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